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Everybody wants to do whatever they possibly can to keep their homes safe and secure. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your front and back doors are equipped with strong, high-quality locks to strengthen the barrier between your home and the outside world.


However, everything has a shelf life – even with the strongest of locks on your door, there will always come a time when they need to be changed.


So, how often should you change your locks – and is it time to call on D.B. Locksmiths to change yours?


At Least Every Seven Years


At the very least, the majority of home security experts and locksmiths recommend that you change your locks once every seven years. However, this is considered the bare minimum – there are plenty of different factors involved that may leave you feeling as though you should change your locks a little more often.


Here are just a few of the other circumstances when you might want to change your locks…


You’ve Just Moved In


If you’ve recently purchased a new home, having the locks changed is one of the first things that you should do in order to keep your new property safe.


The reason for this is fairly obvious – you can’t be sure who has lived in the home previously, as well as how many people have a working key for your new property. In order to keep this as secure as possible, you should ensure you have your locks refreshed upon moving into your new home.


Your Locks Are Damaged


If you’ve noticed that your locks aren’t working as well or as easily as they used to, you should have them replaced as a matter of urgency.


Signs of damage within your locks include increased stiffness when turning your key, as well as the locks feeling too loose. Other issues include warping around the keyhole or visible bends around the lock system.


Even if you’ve only just noticed these issues, it’s important that you have your locks changed immediately. Not only can a damaged lock be tampered with far more easily, but it’s also a sign that they’ve been tampered with already…


Someone Else Has Your Keys


If you know that someone from outside of your home has your keys and they are not a trusted friend or family member, it’s important to get your locks changed right away.


Whether you gave a copy of your keys to a previous partner or perhaps you gave a key to a contractor working within your home who never returned them, the safest thing to do is to have the locks and keys replaced.


Whilst its usually unlikely that those with a spare key will have any bad intention, it’s always better to be safe than it is to be sorry.


Your Spare Has Gone Missing


If you’ve kept a spare key around the outside of your home, it’s important that you regularly check that your spare is where you left it.


Should you discover one day that your spare has gone missing, ensure that you get your locks replaced immediately. There’s no telling who has it or how long it’s been gone, but chances are that this leaves your home security at risk!


Have your locks changed and then make sure that your new spare is in a new, safer spot. For ideas on hiding places for your new key, check out our ideas for 5 Better Places For Your Spare Key Than Under The Doormat.


You’ve Lost Your Keys


Lost your key and been locked out? Even if you were able to access a spare key to get back into your home, the next step should be to have your locks changed.


Whilst it’s unlikely that anyone who comes across your key wherever you lost it will be able to identify the home that it belongs to, you can’t be sure that this isn’t a risk. Again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Call On Us


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